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Genocide policy plaguing entire Africa: Freeman (Press TV)

par Press TV 13 Octobre 2013, 22:01 Américafrique Génocides

Genocide policy plaguing entire Africa: Freeman (Press TV)

Résumé : Un analyste politique a déclaré que la pauvreté et la famine continuent de miner l'Afrique entière due à "la politique génocidaire" menée par des pays comme les Etats-Unis et la Grande-Bretagne. "La globalité du système financier international, mené par la City de Londres et Wall Street, ne veut pas que les Africains vivent. Ils veulent réduire la population. La politique génocidaire a été poursuivie depuis des dizaines d'années" a déclaré Lawrence Freeman, Responsable Afrique de l'hebdomadaire états-unien l'Executive Intelligence Review, à Press TV, samedi.

Press TV Genocide policy plaguing entire Africa: Freeman
“The international global financial system itself, run by the city of London and Wall Street, they don’t want Africans to live. They want to reduce the population. The genocide policy is continuing in Africa over these many decades,” Lawrence Freeman, Africa Desk at Executive Intelligence Review, told Press TV on Saturday.

Freeman further pointed to the views of “Malthusian extremists” who believe that “the world is overpopulated,” adding that “numerous statements” by Britain’s royal family suggest that they have similar ideas.

On Saturday, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported that over 360 children under the age of five lost their lives due to malnutrition in the West African nation of Niger during first nine months of this year.

The deaths are the latest caused by the malnutrition crisis in Niger and elsewhere in Africa, with poverty being the main reason behind the crisis.

Malnutrition continues to take more lives in Africa, with children still being the main victims of the lack of essential food.

This situation has continued unabated, despite warnings by charity groups and their demand for further donations to help resolve the problem. Several charity groups have also urged world powers to take action, instead of making mere commitments to eradicate poverty.

Genocide policy plaguing entire Africa: Freeman (Press TV)
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