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Venezuela Under Attack (ICH)

par Peter Koenig 18 Février 2014, 08:01 USA Venezuela Attaque Coup d'Etat

Venezuela Under Attack (ICH)
Venezuela Under Attack

By Peter Koenig

As RT reports "... Henrique Capriles also appealed for calm on the streets.

"Violence will never be the way! We are confident that a large majority refuses and condemns it," Capriles tweeted.

February 16 2014 "Information Clearing House - Protests have become relatively commonplace in Venezuela with the population disgruntled over shortages of basic goods such as sugar and toilet paper. "

This is typical infiltration by US-sponsored NGOs - à la Ukraine, Syria, Arab Spring countries (sic), and many more --- funded for years with billions of dollars - mickey-mouse money - money that is worthless; a debt to the public – and to the international community which holds almost half of the US debt in the form of Treasury Bonds (TB) – that will never-ever be paid back - and therefore the supply of worthless dollars is plentiful and endless.

The same flow of mickey-mouse money finances media propaganda – propaganda of lies, all around the world. These days the focus is on Ukraine, where more than two thirds of the population, mostly eastern Ukraine, sides with Russia, with whom they have hundreds of years of history and shared culture. But the Western public is made believe that Ukraine wants to become ‘Europe’ – but the Russians won’t let them.

Madame Nuland, Kerry’s assistant, boasted recently that the US has ‘invested’ over 5 billion dollars in Ukraine during the last 10 years – to prepare them for ‘regime change’. Washington is certainly not letting go after such an ‘investment’.

It is easy to conclude that the same has happened and is happening in Venezuela. Probably hundreds of billions have been spent to prepare Venezuelans for the past dozen years for ‘regime change’ – so far resulting in the highly controversial death of President Chavez.

The financial sharks of the FED and its Wall Street consortia are waiting in the wings to descend like vultures to loot the country as soon as President Maduro is ‘gone’. But President Maduro must stay.

The Venezuelan population must be told that they are being lied to by the Western controlled media; that the protest violence is being spread by Washington financed goons.

It is sad, so sad - that there is so little insight by the world; that the public at large believes that Venezuelans, like Ukrainians, are oppressed and must be freed by the only grand liberator, the US of America and, of course, its proxy, NATO.

The hypocrite Capriles who is behind these protests - instigated and funded by Washington - is condemning the violence he creates and looks for a peaceful solution. People believe him. He is so generous; he, the opposition wants peace. It's Maduro’s government that seeks the violence, kills people.

The same mickey-mouse funds also create the shortages of food and toilette paper (sic) in the shops, by paying off delivery companies to forego deliveries to urban supermarkets, thereby creating artificial shortages--- classical examples - Chile in 1971, or Argentina before 1991 --- people forget.

These shortages also create the so-called high inflation rates. Obviously, shortages of goods demand higher prices, the classical symptoms of our defunct Western monetary system.

When the agents of the empire succeed, they will demand a Venezuelan monetary reform, as they did in Argentina in 1991, when the peso-dollar parity was forced down the throat of the Argentine people by the IMF, WB and the FED (on behalf of US banks) - thanks to the corrupt president Carlos Menem.

In Ecuador in 2001, the gangster lot went even further introducing outright the dollar as the national currency, ironically, in the year when the Argentina economy collapsed, because of very same force-fed dollar imposition, the dollar-peso parity.

Once Venezuela accepts the monetary reform, it is a cake-walk for the banksters to suck the country empty of its resources, hydrocarbons and national social safety nets --- see Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy.... and who's next?

This message has to be brought home to the leaders of Venezuela. It is not simply an extreme right-wing opposition that causes these 'troubles' and protests - that already led to at least three people killed - that indeed those behind it all are CIA agents in disguise of NGOs or other nefarious groupings, trained for years by US secret service agencies. With their steady flow of mickey-mouse money, they will not rest until they achieve their target - the fall of the Maduro government --- unless, unless - unless they are stopped in their tracks; stopped by economic means.

These 'economic means' must bring to fall the entire unsustainable Western monetary system based on the fiat dollar.

Who would be capable of stopping this Machiavellian course of destruction on the way to world hegemony? - The BRICS, a giant economic force commanding almost a third of the world's GDP, and almost half of the globe's population - led by Russia and China.

Mr. Maduro - beware of western lies, of western media propaganda - you are the legitimate and democratically elected leader of Venezuela. The majority of Venezuelans want you to remain their leader.

Peter Koenig is an economist and former World Bank staff. He worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for ICH, the Voice of Russia and other internet sites.

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