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You Two Can’t Be Friends! US Prevents EU-Russia Cooperation (Sputniknews)

par Sputniknews 8 Septembre 2015, 08:04 USA Russia Crisis La Republica EU

© Flickr/ John Connell

© Flickr/ John Connell

The United States has betrayed Europe by preventing the EU from developing economic ties with Russia and creating chaos in the Middle East and North Africa that resulted in the influx of refugees, Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported.

And now, as Europe is hit by the economic and social problems that were caused by the United States to begin with, Washington isn't willing to offer any help to its so-called European allies.

The United States simply refuses to deal with the problems and without Washington's leadership, Europeans are helpless and incapable of dealing with the facing obstacles, the Italian newspaper said.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, many thought Russia would become part of the free world. However, the United States didn't want Europe developing closer economic ties with Russia. And now, the United States is using the Ukrainian crisis as a pretext to keep Russians and Europeans apart from each other, La Repubblica said.

Despite Washington's attempts to create a quarrel between Russia and Europe, Russians recently showed their respect and admiration to European orchestra players who came to perform during the international military music festival "Spasskaya Tower." Leading orchestras from Italy, Britain, Ireland, Spain, Greece, and Slovenia among others played concerts in Moscow during the Russian capital's 868th birthday this past weekend, La Repubblica reported.

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