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Hollywood Propaganda: American “Heroes” and Somali “Savages” – “Captain Phillips” Obscures US Crimes in Somalia (Dissident Voice)

par Paul Gottinger et Ken Klippenstein 23 Octobre 2013, 22:01 Somalie Américafrique Propagande

Dissident Voice Hollywood Propaganda: American “Heroes” and Somali “Savages”...

West Toxic Lie On Syria Exposed

par Finian Cunningham 18 Octobre 2013, 17:50 Syrrie propagande Otan médias

By Finian Cunningham They say an expert liar needs to have a good memory to...

Nobel Prize part of West’s propaganda fog (Press TV)

par Finian Cunningham 12 Octobre 2013, 20:19 Prix Nobel propagande USA

Other dubious winners of the “illustrious” prize include the accused war criminal,...

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